"To have the stars above, the land to your left and the sea to your right,

 to realise in a sudden, that in your heart, 

life has accomplished it's final miracle... it has become a fairy tale." 

- Nikos Kazantzakis


The 28th of March- 4th of April Mallorca retreat is POSTPONED due to travel bans and safety measures.

New Dates for Mallorca

9th-15th of September

Dreams to Reality: The Art of Manifesting from the Quantum Field (Part I of Series)

A 6-Day Women’s Retreat

Mallorca, Spain

19th-26th of September

Awakening the Soul Within: Embodying your Soul’s Energy Map (Part II of Series)

A 7-Day Women’s Retreat

Courti Estate, Corfu, Greece

15th-22nd of November

Quantum Co-Creating: A Journey of Manifestation (Part III of Series)

A 7-Day Women’s Retreat

Dominical, Costa Rica 


So what does it really take to draw in our desired outcomes in life?

The truth is, we are manifesting in every moment of everyday. In this moment now, you are creating your reality by sending out specific energy frequencies in the space around you that magnetise circumstances and people to you. That energetic space around you, inside you, is also in nature and the universe itself. 

It is the Quantum Field.

You magnetise people and events back to you based on what energy you are embodying as the truth on a deep subconscious level. Some of what you create is conscious, however, some is highly unconscious.

For example, if a loving relationship is something you’ve wanted to create, and it hasn’t shown up, it means, somewhere deep in your subconscious, there are parts of you that are resisting receiving the opportunities that will attract this experience to you.

Join us for this year's ‘Travel Within Retreats’ series where we will be working with the ENERGY LIFE MAP in conjunction with MOVEMENT, MEDITATION and WRITING.

Discover old identities that are hidden, have kept you stuck and are no longer in alignment with your true self and where you want to go.

Once identified, you'll learn how to move through obstacles with ease so you can create more easily and experience fulfilment and success in all areas of your life.

In order for the new desires that are aligned with your Spirit to manifest in your external world, you must accept the energetic quality and embody it on all levels of your being; emotionally, mentally, and somatically.

The retreat courses are designed to harness your innate power of creating through the practice of

EMBODIMENT.  These tools with the loving support of the group and Marianna as your guide, will help you to learn how to transcend your subconscious blocks and open your whole being to discovering, creating and receiving all that your heart desires.

Join US....


WRITING combined with guided MOVEMENT and MEDITATION is one of the most powerful tools of self-discovery, healing, and transformation. 

WRITING helps you to objectively explore the inner landscape of all aspects of your 'Self' through understanding Archetypes and Myths; symbolic mirrors of life and the universal patterns of human nature.


Through MOVEMENT and MEDITATION you open the treasures of your subconscious mind, awakening your intuition and igniting the true source of your power and creativity.

MOVEMENT and MEDITATION is an opportunity to fully embody the 'Soul Within' so you can live and create from a state of beauty, flow and grace.


Gather in the circle of like-minded women and enter a sacred space of support and compassion for one another. This supportive environment allows you to be vulnerable, connect to your feelings, and share your insights openly.


Join writer and mentor, Marianna and take a magical guided journey that uses MOVEMENT, WRITING, and MEDITATION as a way of tapping into your greatest inner resources. Basque in the beauty of the Greek Islands, the magic of the Spanish Islands, and the grounding jungles and beaches of Costa Rica. Come and awaken your senses and breathe in the wonders of this gorgeous planet and the beauty of life!

A Day in the life of a retreat

A typical daily format is:

  • A delicious, healthy breakfast prepared by our private local chef.
  • A 3-hour morning workshop to include writing and movement exercises, meditation and discussion. 
  • Lunch prepared by our private local chef.
  • Afternoon free to relax and do your own thing, explore, and bask in the natural gorgeous surroundings. 
  • Dinner prepared by our private local chef. 
  • An evening gathering under the stars for storytelling, discussion, and sharing any personal insights and breakthroughs.
  • Group size: 7 participants.

Retreat Series overview


Themes we will cover in the retreat series in 2020:

  • Strengthen your intuition by learning how to follow the innate guidance that is found in your body 
  • Exploring your dreams and subconscious mind as a tool to tap into your Soul's desires and Divine Expression of Self
  • Unleash your inherent power and creativity through awakening the feminine archetypes and exploring the mythical stories of our ancestors and the ancestors of the local lands
  • Transcending life's perceived blocks into creative flow and opportunity
  • Calling on personal experience to speak and express your truth that inspires others
  • Identify and overcome personal subconscious blocks and turn them into valuable  opportunities to embody your vision
  • Working with your inner critic and how to guide it to better serve you 
  • The Energy Life Map, Journaling, Writing, Meditation and Movement as Life path for transformation and healing

This retreat is for women...

  • Of all backgrounds and levels
  • Want to unplug from day-to-day life, reconnect and recharge
  • Begin or advance a business, creative project, or personal goals
  • Explore writing, movement and meditation with a fun-loving, supportive  community 
  • Enjoy fresh and delicious local cuisine
  • Dedicate time for personal growth, creativity, and PLAY!
  • Be cared for in a sacred and safe space
  • Explore and Indulge in the beauty of Spain, Greece and Costa Rica

Retreat package includes:

  • 7 nights accommodation in your own private room in our luxury villa with daily concierge service
  • Delicious and healthy breakfast, lunch & dinner prepared by our local private chef
  • Unlimited tea, fresh fruit, juices, and bottled water
  • Daily workshop to include guided movement and meditation, writing exercise
  • Written material of the programme and articles of study to take home
  • A custom 'Travel Within' Journal
  • A planned excursion day that will explore a unique part of the land and culture
  • Use of swimming pool and local facilities
  • All Taxes

Retreat Package Investment Per 7 day Retreat: £4,800

To reserve your space: 50% non-refundable deposit (£2,400)

Remaining cost due 30 days prior to start of retreat

Retreat Package Investment For Entire Series I, II, and III in Mallorca, Costa Rica & Corfu: £12,240 (15% Discount)

To reserve your space and secure this discounted rate:: 50% non-refundable deposit (£6,120)

Remaining cost due 30 days prior to start of retreat

Retreat package excludes:

  • Flights 
  • Travel insurance (recommended)



Finca Son Salas

Your time away should be an unforgettable experience; one that captures your heart, inspires your creativity, and expands the wings of your soul.   That is why we choose our villas with great care.  Situated in exclusive and private settings, these villas offer quality, comfort and an abundance of style.

The Mallorca retreat location runs in the idyllic Finca Son Salas. Sitting on 50 acres of beautiful, wild unspoilt nature, you are surrounded by ancient olive trees, lush gardens, as well as almond and orange groves.


The bedrooms each with their own private garden space and breathtaking views. 


There are many large dining and seating areas throughout the villa and a dedicated team of staff preparing the finest local, fresh and organic cuisine.


See video below of the Mallorca Retreat Location

Accommodations in Greece


About Courti Estate

A Historic Luxury Retreat in Corfu

Courti is a traditional 18th century Venetian estate, incorporating a central manor house enclosed in a courtyard, including a large olive press.

The estate offers complete privacy for your ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation. 

A natural corridor of Cypress trees paves the way to the hilltop where the estate regally stands, offering breathtaking views of the Ionian sea, surrounding hills and villages.


Serenity Surrounds You


The bedrooms each with their own private garden space and breathtaking views are set centrally within a courtyard. 


A professional kitchen, large dining and seating areas and a dedicated team of staff, turn the Courti Estate into a state of the art venue and perfect for a Travel Within Retreat.  


Extensive fertile land and organic gardens are integral to the retreat experience.Using seasonal organic produce from the farm, our cook creates a menu specific to your needs and requirements. 

And of course there is the olive oil! Top grade, organic, cold pressed olive oil from the trees, exclusive to The Courti Estate.


Relax by the infinity pool nestled beautifully amongst the olive groves or take a 5 minute walk to the nearest beach for a morning dip.  Everything about this location gives you a platform to immerse yourself on this journey towards personal growth, healing and transformation.

Details of the Costa Rica Retreat Coming Soon!

From Marianna

This is my personal invitation to YOU...

IMAGINE yourself sitting on a beautiful villa balcony overlooking the golden horizon, where the deep blue-turquoise waters of the Aegean Sea meets the vastness of a starlit sky. 

The gentle wind brushes softly against your body reminding you to FEEL, to breathe, to take in the beauty and mysteries of this ancient land. 

You are given a glimpse into a time when gods and goddesses walked the Earth in sacred reverence; each one embodying a unique expression of the SOUL within them. 


Your senses begin to AWAKEN. You notice all the stress, mind-chattering thoughts, limiting beliefs, and the programs of every day routine melt away.

SILENCE enters your being, penetrating you so deeply that you hear the invitation; you hear it whispering in the echos of the wind and in the lullabies of soft crashing waves; it is a call from your SOUL, inviting you to...










... 'The Soul Within' YOU.